Our Leadership

Collaborative and Nimble

Just as our client relationships are built on trust, our internal teams of True Northers across 2 coasts work hard to deliver for each other.

  • Steve Fuchs

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

  • Tom Goosmann

    Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder

  • Tim Taylor

    Chief Operating Officer


Steve Fuchs

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

  • What is the most valuable lesson you ever learned?

    From my father: Do not quit. You've got to fight every minute of the day. He used to say, "Yeah the brick wall, you can go under it, you can go over it, you can go around it. You figure out a way." In business and in life, when I fought through a leukemia battle, that was the most valuable lesson.

  • What about this agency are you proud of?

    We're here 25 years in business as an independent shop. We've weathered 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008. I'm proud of all of the longevity, in terms of people staying here. I'm proud of the work, and the culture, and how we've created a good environment.

  • Who inspires you and why?

    John Wooden, the coach of UCLA. Just the concept of team first. Be the last guy off the boat. Eat last. Don't cut corners. He won the NCAA Championship 10 times. He made sure the players laced up correctly, they warmed up, and they were prepared. Preparation is everything for success.


Tom Goosmann

Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder

  • What about this agency are you proud of?

    As we've grown and matured, there's a culture of respect as opposed to "I'm the star!" Sometimes I'll ask who came up with a great idea, and generally the response is silence or "me AND my teammate." It's that kind of nature of people working together for a collective good.

  • Where do you see opportunity?

    There's a big D2C movement with people starting businesses and looking at the standard operating procedures of getting your product on retail shelves. Now they're going straight to the consumer. That's the same kind of flexibility of being a smaller company that has grown up very untraditionally.

  • Who inspires you and why?

    Greta Thunberg. I see her in front of millions laying it out there. I think this is a tipping point in our history, where young people are going to take back the world and not let it go this time.


Tim Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

  • What is the most valuable lesson you ever learned?

    The value of grey. Some of us Texans say "we don't do nuance," but the ability to appreciate complexity and shading — to not see in black and white — is a strength in business and life. (Humor helps too.)

  • Any advice for new people in the field?

    Read a lot, talk a lot. The industry seems to change minute-by-minute, so keep up with the news and the trades, but also mix and talk with your counterparts and competitors to challenge your own thinking.

  • Who inspires you and why?

    People whose ideas keep on giving. People like Tim Berners-Lee (the World Wide Web), Malcolm McLean (shipping containers), or Hedy Lamarr (wireless communication), who cook up an innovation that then resonates down through the decades to literally change the world.

  • Maryah Arangio

    Senior Art Director

  • Daniel Brown

    Executive Creative Director

  • Matt Brown

    Account Director

  • Laura Challis

    Senior Media Planner

  • Emily Chan

    Media Operations Director

  • Russell Clark

    Production Director/Sr. Project Manager

  • John Como

    Executive Director, Client Services

  • Maryanne Connell

    Account Supervisor

  • Carolina Gerlach

    Account Executive

  • Liam Heffernan

    Paid Search & Insights Coordinator

  • John Juele

    Web Development Director

  • Naushika Perera

    Art Director

  • Tom Reinecke

    Media Director

  • Chanelle Reyes

    Junior Production Artist

  • Amy Situ

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Marcel Solorzano

    Senior Paid Search Specialist

  • Helena Starrs

    Junior Copywriter

  • Andrea Thorn

    Account Supervisor

  • Victoria Wetterer

    Creative Director

  • Mia Wiskow

    Senior Copywriter

  • Carol Wu

    Assistant Account Executive


  • Massachusetts Statewide
    PRF70 Contract Holder
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