Ads About Town: OKCupid

Ads About Town: OKCupid

It’s Valentine’s day, and we thought it was the perfect occasion to introduce our new ongoing series of blog posts, Ads About Town. We see a lot of ads on the way to and from work, and we always talk about them at length in the office. This series is a sneak peek into the collective conversation in the agency. First up: the latest ad campaign from OKCupid that is ALL OVER the NYC subways.

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Fall Head over Heels

The eye-catching and provocative series is sure to stir conversation, and the Slack channel at True North was evident of that. Scroll down to see more of the campaign and a look at our team’s rapid reaction. After a vote, 3/4 of the agency liked the campaign (with one True Northerner abstaining due to mixed feelings).

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Floss Together

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Fire up the Kiln

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Fifty-five-hour Binge

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Four Twenty

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Feel Fabulous

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Filter out the Far Right

OK Cupid ad that says Down to Fight about the president

OK Cupid ad that says Down to foot the bill

The floss one makes me nervous that they're going to pull each other's teeth out... but that's  probably just me

I've been seeing these all over as well! it's obvious that they're trying to use the acronym as an eye-catcher, and I do think it's clever, however i think they missed the boat by about 5-10 years (as i believe the term became popular in Superbad, 10 yrs ago) I do think the strategy to change the sauumed meaning of the "F" does align with the more wholesome, "Real" dating app they're trying to position themselves as.

I'm just confused why the Danish Tree Federation is running ads on NYC subways

Today I learned what DTF means! / save me the search ... WTF does DTF mean

I mean, idk how successful they are as ads, but I love the visuals. they remind me of a combination of La Chapelle photos and old school MTV ads

I'm always down to flea market

I voted just "okay," not good or bad, because I like the executions that position them as the dating app/site for more serious daters (head over heels, foot the bill, filter out the far right, etc) and dislike the executions that just try to grab attention with visuals like the flossing and binge-watching.

since I am way outside the target and had to be schooled on what DTF meant, I can't comment on the immediate curbside effect of the ads on me. That siad, they do have stopping power. And now that I know what DTF means, I can appreciate the approach that says, "we're not just another hook-up site but a place to find commonality and connection. Whatever you're "down with" we can find someone you can be "down with together." So I like it.

I could also see focus groups telling OK Cupid that being an older site, they have an image of being "stodgy" or "too serious" compared to hip new hook up apps... every couple in the ads is having fun, and they definitely look like they're going to "F" but maybe unlike tinder, they won't regret getting down the next day.

I don't think they were ever that serious. I also wonder how much is regional. Maybe people are taking their online dating more seriously in other places (and maybe they're not running that 'filter out the far right' everywhere) but in NYC I imagine they're losing out on the casual dating scene to the hookup apps, and the serious dating scene to the paid sites

Do the ads alienate the existing, more serious user bas? Perhaps

From me: Unique visuals, Being eye catching as a whole, Running the campaign around Valentine's Day, Unexpected media placements (expanding reach for free by putting the ads on giphy, Entertainment value, Provocativeness