Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018

True North’s 2018 Annual Halloween Party was a hit, and the team didn’t disappoint with their costumes and revelry. See some of our favorite getups below, and keep scrolling to see who got the coveted trophy, and a Vector robot to call their own.

Skeleton in a hat with a beer

Mini pumpkins with faces drawn on them

Vicky dressed as Wednesday Addams and Mia dressed as a cactus

Mia as a cactus, Naushi in Jurassic Park, Carly in colonial dress

The True North San Francisco office in costumes

Tom dressed as a biker

Tom as a biker, John dressed as Indiana Jones

Stephen in a kangaroo costume

Elaine as an inflatable flailing waving arms man

Lee as a sushi menu

Rony as Peter Quill

Russell in lederhosen and Carmine dressed as an elephant

Maryah as a day of the dead skull and Nesara as Khalissi

And the winner is…

Martha Washington! Carly hand made her costume starting in January and even had a book to show every detail was true to the time period.

Carly holding a trophy

Carly in side-view of colonial outfit

Carly in front view of colonial costume