Rony dressed as Peter Quill at comic con


KAPOW! BAM! Commanding Attention at Comic Con

KAPOW! BAM! Commanding Attention at Comic Con

Last weekend New York Comic Con held its 13th annual gathering at the Javits Center. Among all the zombies, Jedi, spider-men, and spider-women, two of True North’s finest stood out in the crowd. Now they return with some findings and insider details.

Our Web Developer Rony emphasizes the importance of his creative process, a necessity for cosplaying success. This year he went as Peter Quill, or Starlord, from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rony at comic con

The same way he brainstorms and builds new layouts, Rony defines his cosplay’s requirements, brings together all the essentials, and finally deploys it for the public.

For our Art Director Naushi, “Cosplaying is one of the main attractions of Comic Con. It helps people creatively express their inner weird in a no-judgment zone.” But with so many talented cosplayers vying for your attention, how do you make your mark?

Every year there’s a swarm of attendees chasing the latest trends and perfectly copying heroes from new releases, but Naushi connects with people by looking back to fan favorites. “To really connect with people, you need to see beyond what’s just popular.”

Naushi at Comic Con

Naushi challenges convention-goers with creative twists on classic characters. By making her getup a little more difficult to decode, the payoff is even greater for strangers who recognize her.

New York Comic Con presents a challenge for brands to make an impact too. This year saw the largest attendance yet with over 250,000 attendees—an overwhelmingly millennial audience already deeply connected to social media and products. Having a fun, receptive audience ready to participate allows brands to create more unique, engaging experiences.

A swimming pool of plushies at Comic Con

The Japanese cartoon Bananya could have used simple display shelves. Instead, they invited attendees to test the plushies’ softness by jumping into a pool filled with them.

Heathers bus at Comic Con

Attendees lined up for the Heathers experience. On the bus they learned about the upcoming comedy series, peeked at clues, and took home freebies on the way out.

Entertainers, comic book artists, and brands face the same challenges cosplayers do: standing out in the crowd. These brands prove the best way to do that is to create engaging, interactive experiences that participants will remember and share.

That’s certainly a lesson that applies to advertising too.