The Six-Second Window

The Six-Second Window

A grin.

A thumbs up.



A child voiceover artist narrates the transformation of Adriel, whose cleft palate was repaired thanks to Smile Train. In the span of a few seconds, the audience is captivated by his story, privy to Smile Train’s inspiring mission.


6-second Spot

30-second Spot

When developing these spots for our client Smile Train, we did so with the pre-roll placement in mind. The challenge of disruption is a daunting one, particularly when we only have a few seconds to make an impression. The combination of the striking rewind sound effect and the child’s voice piques interest to continue watching and to consider supporting Smile Train’s cause. In order to fulfill our client’s objective, the strategic techniques we use are essential, as studies show viewers’ attention spans are increasingly fleeting. As with all of our creative assignments, we strive to keep the window open well after six seconds.