What we brought to Bridge18

What we brought to Bridge18

Last week our Executive Creative Director, Daniel Brown, presented a session at the 2018 Bridge Conference with Heather Deal, the Director of Annual Giving & Special Projects at Habitat for Humanity New York City. The session was called “Be Unique. Be Creative. Be Rewarded. How creativity is your key to fundraising success.” It has never been more important to find creative ways to say something unique about your mission, tell inspiring stories about your work, and tie online and offline channels together. Brown and Deal’s talk illuminated why non-profits need clarity, cohesion, and to communicate the uniqueness of their brands.

We’ve pulled together some of the session highlights in case you missed it:

Why non-profits need to express their uniqueness
Average donor supports 4-5 organizations

Donor households declined from 12010-2016 but giving grew

The “Give Hope Trap”

A collage of ten organizations using the same message: give hope

Wha you're selling is a belief. Your brand is incredibly important.

Boil down your core message

Be unique: Don't let your competition define your message.

Say it in a way no one's heard before.

Demonstrate how donations make a difference with real life successes.

What's the hook that stops your audience. Make it both rational and emotional.

Your message does not need to be manipulative, dire, or all about the donation.

Pair your core message with visual power

Use stunning imagery.

Use composed photography.

Or use designed graphics. Simple illustration can communicate complex need.

Graphic treatment invite users to solve the problem presented.

When True North and Habitat NYC began working together, the foundation was built with a “brand house” to define Habitat NYC’s brand promise.

Brand construction with values, position, personality, and promise.

Then we used that foundation to develop an umbrella campaign and unify channels.

Unify all channels under core message and visual theme.

The result was the I Am Able umbrella campaign. View the full I Am Able case study.

Habitat NYC ad that says I am able to keep my family in NYC

Using stock photography can be effective.

When assets are scarce stock can be effective if it's quality and all visually connected.

Video is an every-growing medium to tell the brand story.

Use video as a tool to support your campaign.

The result of an umbrella campaign is a cohesive donor experience that builds with each touchpoint. This slide shows the donor experience before True North’s umbrella campaign (left) and the unified experience that the I Am Able campaign provided (right).

An example of previous disconnected campaign vs. True North's campaign.