Who Wore It Best: Halloween Costume Contest

Who Wore It Best: Halloween Costume Contest

This year we held our annual Halloween costume contest and boos fest with some extra bloody sangria and a bunch of ridiculous getups. Which are your favorites? Scroll to the bottom to find out who won in New York and San Francisco!

The parade of the New York Media Team

Three people dressed as batman

The batmans-men-um-woman… you know what I mean.

Vicky as Melania

How Melania got her groove back

Naushi as Beetlejuice

Yes, this is a handmade Beetlejuice costume!

Steve riding a dinosaur


SF team dressed as music festivals

Festivals from left: Burning Man, Woodstock…

Tom riding a kangaroo

Which one is the costume?

Erin riding a shark

Shark wrangler

Rehan riding a bull

Rehan rodeo

Spencer riding a bear

Lifting each other up

Four women dressed as newscasters

Fake news? True news? Will we ever know?

Mia as a missing scientologist woman

We found Shelly Miscavige!

Kelly and Lee dressed as Bob's Burgers characters

Bob’s Burgers anyone?

Carly as Mrs. White from Clue

Mrs. White. In the living room. With her bare hands.

Matt as Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot!

Juan as a giraffe

All giraffes don’t have black tongues.

Dan giving personality tests

A little auditing never hurt anyone.

Maryah dressed for dodgeball


Lisa and Eden as Han Solo and Chewbaca

Han and the cutest Chewie you can find!

And the winners are…

Beetlejuice and Burning Man!

We’ll have to top ’em next year, but in the meantime we’ll be hopped up on candy and getting back to work!