The Nature Conservancy

Save Our Home for the Holidays

Save Our Home for the Holidays

End-of-year giving amounts to nearly half of total annual donations for nonprofits. Because of these high stakes, The Nature Conservancy asked that we produce a powerful year-end campaign that leveraged the warmth and generosity of the holidays. Our concept reinterpreted the idea of “home” to signify natural habitats, as well as our shared home on Earth. It flipped the common saying “home for the holidays,” giving it new meaning and an emotional connection to which everyone can relate.

We produced 15- and 30-second video spots, which aired online as pre-roll. The video depicts precious natural places around the world facing imminent threats, as The Nature Conservancy urges all to help save our one and only Earth.

Several banner ads showing different animals and their habitats with the concept 'Save our Home'

By the close of the campaign, our video effectively introduced a new audience to The Nature Conservancy and inspired new donor interest, engagement, and conversions. As a whole, the Save Our Home for the Holidays campaign exceeded the client’s goal for end-of-year giving and helped grow necessary revenue for new conservation challenges in 2017.


Comparing the 2015-2016 timeframe year over year:

  • 82%

    increase in new donors

  • 46%

    increase in generated revenue

  • 508

    total donations driven by video specifically