Conquer Cancer

The “When” Campaign

The “When” Campaign

The Challenge

Conquer Cancer funds the brightest researchers around the world. As the foundation for the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, Conquer Cancer is uniquely positioned to identify changemakers in the cancer field who are capable of discovering breakthroughs when supported. The organization’s mission needed amplification to achieve brand awareness and attract a new critical mass of donors to further their important work.

The Strategy

Connected TV advertising via Over the Top devices makes up the centerpiece of the media mix to enable the campaign to acquire the widest reach, while targeting an audience that is most likely to support Conquer Cancer. Paid social media, radio, and streaming audio are also key channels that surround the target. Creatively, we wanted to use action, inspiration, and storytelling to quickly captivate viewers. Dr. Nathalie McKenzie, a former Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award recipient, and remarkable researcher and physician, volunteered to become the subject of our campaign. Once our team heard her story, we knew she would be emblematic of the bright minds and tireless researchers that Conquer Cancer funds.

The Production

Capturing the stories of busy cancer researchers and physicians is challenging, but navigating the difficulties of access restrictions due to COVID made for a precarious shoot. Working with our friends at Reliant Studios to produce the spot, we were limited to shooting Dr. McKenzie’s life story in 2 small conference rooms. We had to get creative, and the result was a dynamic campaign that staged moments of Dr. McKenzie’s career and captured authentic interviews with her grateful patients.

Television Spot

Radio Spot